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Ma Joad - Your Pit Stop for Exceptional Coffee and Delightful Eats

At Ma Joad's, we take pride in being your go-to destination along Historic Route 66, nestled in the heart of Baxter Springs, Kansas. If you thinking Route 66 Kansas Coffee & Food, we are ready for you. Our vintage 1968 travel trailer has become more than just a pit stop – it's a haven for coffee enthusiasts, energy drink aficionados, and those craving made-to-order waffles on their journey through the Midwest.


Our Signature Offerings


  • Fresh Espresso Bliss: Immerse yourself in the rich aroma and bold flavors of our carefully sourced and meticulously roasted coffee from O-Gah-Pah Coffee Roasters, a local tribal business. Whether you need a pick-me-up for the road or a leisurely sip, our espresso offerings are crafted to perfection.

  • Handcrafted Energy Drinks: Experience a burst of energy with our handcrafted energy drinks from Lotus, available in a myriad of flavors and colors. From vibrant reds to cool blues, our seasonal drink menu lets you literally drink the Rainbow Bridge.

  • Made-to-Order Waffles: Fuel your journey with our fresh-made waffles, created right on the spot. Whether you prefer them classic or topped with delicious extras, our made-to-order waffles are a delightful addition to your pit stop experience.

  • Buzz or No Buzz: We understand that everyone's caffeine tolerance is different. That's why our drink menu caters to both those seeking a buzz and those opting for a more relaxed experience. From energizing smoothies to soothing Italian sodas and steamers, we've got your drink cravings covered.

  • Light and Satisfying Snacks: Our snacks are carefully curated to be light yet satisfying, perfect for the traveler on the go. Grab a little something to munch on as you continue your journey along the iconic Route 66.


Local Partnerships


At Ma Joad's, we believe in supporting our local community. That's why we proudly serve coffee from O-Gah-Pah Coffee Roasters, contributing to the success of a local tribal business. Additionally, our partnership with locals extends to our merchandise. Explore our collection of Route 66-themed t-shirts, hats, and hoodies – the perfect way to commemorate your visit to our historic spot.


Drink the Rainbow Bridge with Ma Joad's Care


Every drink at Ma Joad's comes adorned with a little gummy bear – a symbol of the tender care and attention to detail we pour into each creation. It's our way of making your pit stop experience feel like a comforting embrace, just like Mama would provide.


Visit Ma Joad's on Route 66 – Where Coffee Meets Community


Discover the joy of exceptional coffee, handcrafted energy drinks, and made-to-order waffles at Ma Joad's. You can also contact us for Corporate Party Planning in Kansas. We're not just a pit stop; we're a destination where the spirit of Route 66 comes alive. Join us on this journey through flavors, colors, and the warm hospitality of Baxter Springs, Kansas.

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